Kewaunee County Life: Housing

In 2019, Kewaunee County commissioned a study to understand the housing issues and opportunities within the county. This study aimed to identify if there is a need for additional housing, assess what types of housing may be needed, and address the next steps to solve housing gaps.

The goals of the study were to describe the current housing and demographic conditions, identify new or existing programs that can address existing housing issues, and develop strategies for improving the housing environment in Kewaunee County. A healthy housing system includes a diverse mix of housing forms, tenures, and options.

The KCEDC is working to address the issue of lack of affordable, available and livable housing through several avenues, working with economic partners from the state and regional level to develop innovative solutions to the housing shortage and workforce attraction needs of Kewaunee County.

View a copy of the study's findings from the Bay-Lake Regional Planning Commission here.