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Welcome to Kewaunee County!

From the bay of Green Bay to the Lake Michigan shore, small towns and rolling hills make up picturesque Kewaunee County, Wisconsin.

Residents and visitors enjoy the state trails, fishing, kayaking, skiing, mountain biking and so much more the area has to offer.

Civic pride in local businesses means you will find a large variety of locally made meats, specialty foods, beer, wine, and cheeses. You will also find a unique variety of festivals and events.

Future generations of leaders, workers and entrepreneurs are being developed in our area schools. Students are supported by a proud local culture that values and encourages its children.

You will find Kewaunee County an authentic and approachable place filled with cultural amenities for all ages.

Come for a visit, and you will find that Kewaunee County is one of Wisconsin’s unique treasures. In fact, you might never want to leave!


Kewaunee County is an authentic and approachable place filled with cultural amenities for all ages. Visit the many antique shops and galleries; brush up on the rich history of the county at the Kewaunee County Historical Society, and catch one of the many local concerts in the park.

Kewaunee County’s close proximity to Green Bay and Door County means you are a short drive from even more art, music, theater, educational resources, urban spaces, museums and tourist destinations.

Kewaunee County Quality of Life

In 2017, Algoma, WI was awarded the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health prize. In 2020, Algoma received the All America City award.

In the fourth quarter of 2012, the University of Wisconsin Extension released a Kewaunee County Quality of Life Report. The report measures factors including health, community, recreation and leisure, and safety.  Among the highlights:

  • We are healthy.  Overall, the report found, residents’ health today the highest in the region and tenth in the state (out of 72 counties).  Plus, drug and alcohol hospitalizations are among the lowest in the state.  Prenatal care is also above average.  “Currently, Kewaunee County ranks first in the region with 93.7 percent of births where mothers received first trimester prenatal care,” concludes the report.
  • We have excellent recreation and leisure resources.    We are rich in natural resources, enjoyed by residents and tourists.  Visitor spending increased 19% from 2010-2011,” explains Claire Thompson, community development educator, UW Cooperative Extension, Kewaunee County, and contributor to the study.  “This is the fifth largest increase in the State.  In addition our parks and trails amenities rate highly as well.”  According to the report, our water quality is above average (with the lowest number of “impaired waters” in the region), and our air quality has improved significantly in recent years.
  • We have strong community and schools.  According to the report findings, third grade reading proficiency is the highest in the region and above the state average; tenth grade math proficiency is second in the region and also above the state average.  With an average of 80 percent of tenth grade students proficient or advanced in math, Kewaunee County ranks second in the five-county surrounding region and remains above the region average of 77 percent and well above the state average of 70 percent.

View the Kewaunee County Quality of Life Report 2012